Company Outline

Corporate Name Usystem co.,ltd.
Location and contact


Sannomiya Yonemoto Bldg. 4F
4-2-15, Gokodori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-City, Hyogo
651-0087 Japan
Executive Representative director SAEKI Rika
Capital 10,000,000 Yen
Founded April 2002
Number of employees 20
Description of business
  1. Various sorts of computational accounting
  2. Development and maintenance of computer software
  3. Online information processing and services
  4. Planning, production and operation of internet websites
  5. Planning and development of advertising and promotion
  6. Training for company employees as well as individuals
  7. Labor dispatch service
  8. Any business related to the above descriptions


Awarded "A Society in which Women Shine"
We were awarded "A Society in which Women Shine".
Award by Minister appointed by the Cabinet Office in 2016.
Awarded "A Hyogo's company in which Women active"
We were awarded "A Hyogo's company in which Women active" in 2015.
Management with Effectivity
As the first company in Japan, Usystem received approval of "Management with Effectivity" from the evaluation institute of the Management Quality Conference at the Japan Productivity Center.
Awarded Superior company in Hyogo.
Award by Hyogo Prefecturen Governor
We were awarded a letter of commendation in 2011.
Awarded Balance of work and living company in Kobe
We were awarded a letter of commendation from Hyogo prefecture Governor Isui in 2011.
Kobe danjo ikiiki jigyosho
"Dynamic Workplaces
for Women and Men in Kobe"
We were certified by Kobe City because we endeavor to establish a good work-life balance and we encourage diversity in the ways of working.
"Hyogo Network of small and medium-sized enterprises"
Company with high expectations of growth
We were chosen by "Hyogo Network of small and medium-sized enterprises" as a company with high expectations of growth.

KOBE Dreamcatch Project
Our business plans were certified the KOBE Dreamcatch Project N-KOBE.
Kansai IT Hyakusen 2007 Winning Company
Kansai IT Hyakusen
Within the Kansai area, we were chosen as a company in which the introduction of IT greatly contributed to the improvement of management by "Kansai IT Hyakusen" (IT-driven small and medium-sized enterprises delivering superior performance).
Usystem is supporting the coalas at the Oji Zoo.
Company Supporting the Coalas at Kobe Oji Zoo
We support the coalas at Kobe City Oji Zoo.
As acquisitors of the Privacymark, we endeavor in the thorough protection and administration of personal data.
女性が輝く先進企業表彰 内閣府特命担当大臣賞受賞 ひょうご優良経営賞 兵庫県知事賞受賞 ユーシステムは第一回「ひょうご女性の活躍企業表彰」に選定されました。 「実効力ある経営」の上級に全国で初めて認証されました 男女いきいき事業所
販売協力店 「カエル!ジャパン」キャンペーン ユーシステムは王子動物園のコアラのサポーターです